Cloud-Enabled Drug Discovery

Cloud-Enabled Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery in the 21st century is undergoing the most dramatic change it has ever seen. Pharma companies are globalizing their R&D capabilities, seeking new collaboration partners and outsourcing activities from simple tasks to complete projects.  And everyone in pharma, biotechs, CROs and academic research institutes is seeking new and better approaches to discovering new drug candidates.

InhibOx is dedicated to developing and delivering the best services and technologies in computer-aided drug discovery (CADD).  In this complex field, InhibOx is committed to partnering with complementary organizations to enable us to offer high-quality, broad CADD services.  The federation of software technologies of InhibOx, CCDC and Intelligensys, with a combined team of some of the world’s top scientists in computational drug discovery and development, is meeting the new market need head on—creating a full spectrum CADD service operation through strategic partnership.  Our latest announcement—our partnership with COSMIC Discoveries of Hyderabad—extends the philosophy. InhibOx, COSMIC and Molport are now set-up to deliver not just leading-edge design capabilities and technologies, but also to acquire or synthesize for you the compounds you need for testing. This is truly a network set up for a world of outsourcing and collaboration.

endothiapepsin structure with a docked inhibitor molecule 
shown in green

InhibOx is a pioneer in the development and application of new technologies to drive drug discovery.  Our multidisciplinary research team has brought together breakthroughs in computational chemistry, cheminformatics, mathematics, cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery methods to create the next generation drug discovery platform.

InhibOx delivers:

  • The industry’s most rigorous and powerful virtual screening capability, built from the Scopius database of 110 million available and easily-synthesized compounds, stored with 3D models, multiple conformations and an array of calculated shape and electronic properties.

  • Lead identification capabilities that discover novel scaffolds from target- or ligand-based searches.

  • Powerful lead optimization approaches which efficiently refine the best candidate sets from which to build your libraries.

  • Formulation modeling brought through to early stage lead optimization - avoiding costly downstream failures.

  • Full service provision of samples to match the resulting hit sets, through our partner network.

InhibOx is built to address the new challenges in drug discovery in the new collaborative world.